Affinity Solutions is the leader in precision marketing solutions, including card-linked loyalty programs, customer acquisition and share shift campaign offerings, a comprehensive marketing platform for the small merchant, and a range of targeting, insight, and attribution solutions for marketers in retail, media, brands and beyond.  Affinity has partnerships with nearly 4,000 national and regional banks, and approximately 10,000 brick-and-mortar retailers.

With significant growth and expansion from a technology-enabled agency business model to a product/platform-centric model, Affinity ramped up its workforce significantly.  Management recognized the need to align the entire company along one vision, while simultaneously building the right connections across departments to ensure cross-functional collaboration.

Using our proprietary Management Mirror process, we assessed the Management team’s and employees’ understanding and ‘buy-in’ of the Company Vision and strategy, and recommended approaches to improve communication and teamwork.

Management implemented specific tactics to address identified issues.  Employees have reported improved communication between the workforce and management resulting in decreased attrition and higher job satisfaction ratings.

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 “The Management Mirror provided a framework to identify and address employee concerns, build cohesiveness and motivate/focus our workforce.  All in all the process helped transform our workplace and acted as a powerful catalyst for growth.”

Jonathan Silver

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