Center For Jewish Life-Princeton Hillel (CJL) is the focal point for the Jewish student community at Princeton University, engaging Jewish students in a wide range of social and educational programs while providing for their religious needs and those of the local Jewish community. Dedicated to deepening Jewish identity in students from all types of Jewish backgrounds, CJL ranks among the top campus Hillels and is consistently recognized for excellence by National Hillel.


Faced with limited engagement of less religiously observant students, and a student leadership non-representative of all Jewish students on campus, and having been 7 years since its last strategic plan, CJL’s Board and senior staff recognized the need for a new plan to address current limitations and set the path for future growth.


We tailored a strategic planning process to meet CJL’s needs, and guided their team of Board members, senior staff, faculty and student leaders throughout the process. We conducted research and provided analysis, customized a program-mapping tool, created new mission, vision and values, and delivered a Strategic Roadmap which set priorities in critical areas of programming, organizational structure, and fundraising.


The Strategic Roadmap is being used by senior staff to guide program development, staff changes, fundraising priorities, as well as innovations in student leadership. By defining a clear path for its next 3-5 years, CJL has set a course to expand reach and deepen engagement among all Jewish students at Princeton.


“Marketing Matters brought the focus, organization, and motivation to keep what was a complicated and time-consuming process moving forward. They became CJL experts, and provided much needed outside perspective. As integral team members and trusted partners, and always with compassion, they helped us look critically at ourselves, make hard choices, and ultimately develop the roadmap to future growth and continued success.”

Rabbi Julie Roth
CJL-Princeton Hillel, Executive Director

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