Dror Israel is a non-profit organization in Israel, which promotes social justice, democracy, and equality through its youth movement and educational and community-based programming.


Significant increases in donations were needed to support and expand programs in Israel. Fundraising in North America had been largely one-on-one outreach by Dror Israel educators, with little professional organization, materials, or follow-up. Messaging consisted of Hebrew-to-English translations created for an Israeli audience. In a highly competitive, professionally driven fundraising environment, Dror Israel needed to rethink its brand communications, determine which key messages were most compelling to North American donors, and create new digital and print communications.


After extensive discovery and analysis, we determined key motivations for giving, and helped identify which Dror Israel programs were most compelling to the North American donor. We developed North American-targeted brand language, including articulation of Mission and Vision, an overall Elevator Pitch, key messages for each of Dror Israel’s 6 core program areas, and outcomes demonstrating impact. We then recommended marketing and communications strategies essential to donor engagement.


Dror Israel implemented new brand language into its fundraising outreach, is training its educators to be brand ambassadors in the North American market, and is refreshing all its marketing communication. This has resulted in more professionalism and sustained donor cultivation, and increases in North American donations.

dror israel“Marketing Matters helped our leaders, educators, and program directors understand the need for a change in how we communicate, especially to our donors. They really ‘got’ Dror Israel. And because of their experience with Israeli and North American non-profits, we trusted their recommendations and have incorporated them into our efforts.”

Gary Levy
Director of International Outreach

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