Exec|Comm is a leading communication skills training firm based in New York City with a global footprint and an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients. Their mission is to help executives improve their communication skills through group-based training and one-on-one coaching.

In business for nearly 30 years, Exec|Comm had built its client base through referrals, word-of-mouth and telesales. They knew there was more that they could do to build their brand through marketing efforts. They hoped to increase product knowledge, brand confidence, and number of new leads.

Exec|Comm partnered with Marketing Matters to develop a cohesive three year marketing plan for their internal marketing team to roll out. We analyzed the current marketplace and provided recommendations for growth.  We conducted in-depth communications audits, competitive reviews, and industry research, driving our strategic thinking and resulting in a plan that included programs, messages, costs, and metrics.

Exec|Comm spent the following three years implementing the plan. As a result, they experienced tremendous growth in awareness, lead generation, and more than doubled the sales resulting from marketing efforts. Prior to engaging with Marketing Matters, Exec|Comm’s senior leadership didn’t support the need for marketing.  The client interviews and competitive analysis sold leadership on the need to invest; and the plan gave them a roadmap.


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“Marketing Matters did a great job evaluating our marketing needs, reaching out to our clients and developing a comprehensive 3 year marketing plan.  We have seen tremendous results.”

Karen E. Rodriguez

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