What Matters, Caring Conversations About End of Life is an initiative that engages people in compassionate, value-driven conversations about advance care planning.


A collaboration of the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, The New Jewish Home, and the Center for Pastoral Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary, with financial backing of Plaza Jewish Community Chapel, was planning to launch an advance care planning directive program. The initiative builds on Respecting Choices of the Gundersen Health System, a program with proven success nationwide. However, before launching in Manhattan, a new brand identity and customized core program components were needed to address the unique needs of the New York Jewish community.


To effectively build a brand representing the partnership and address the compressed timetable, we conducted a streamlined Brand Development process which began with a Core Team Brainstorming Meeting. Then we helped craft the Brand Vision, Mission, Values, and Key Messaging for Target Audiences, followed by the name and tagline.


The program launched successfully and today conversations are taking place at program sites throughout Manhattan.

what matters“Marketing Matters helped us create the What Matters brand. We really appreciate all their creativity and guidance in reaching consensus among the partner organizations, as they impressed upon us the importance of building brand awareness in the community for What Matters.

Rabbi Joy Levitt
Executive Director, Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

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