Liberty Science Center, founded in 1983, is dedicated to bringing the excitement and promise of science and technology to people of all ages. Since inception, it has become one of New Jersey’s most popular attractions and a pioneer in the global science museum field.

Attendance was softening and Liberty Science Center needed to reinvigorate itself in order to stay current.

We conducted comprehensive research among multiple target audiences to better understand perceptions. We developed a new brand strategy, and built a new brand architecture organizing the exhibits and programs to support it. We directed a cross-functional senior management team to ensure strategic buy-in and create consistency in brand voice across all departments.

The research and rebranding projects were a major factor in Liberty Science Center’s ability to communicate its impact and relevance to the State of New Jersey, resulting in significant financial support for successful expansion.



“We recognize that a critical dimension of our transformation in consciousness that led up to our total renewal and expansion, and spectacular reopening, was our branding initiative. Marketing Matters skillfully and comfortably guided us through a step-by-step analysis leading to a consensual conclusion.”

Emlyn Koster
Past President and CEO

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