OneFamily is a non-profit organization in Israel, which provides critical psychological, financial and legal assistance to Israel’s terror victims and their families, helping them to rebuild their lives.


With small offices in the UK and Canada, OneFamily has built awareness and successful fundraising campaigns in those countries. In the US, awareness was limited and donations came largely from one-on-one outreach and direct mail. Also, marketing materials were dated and not optimized for a US audience. Committed to building awareness and expanding fundraising in the US, OneFamily needed new materials with compelling messaging for US donors, as well as help creating communications around fundraising events in the New York area.


We created new communications with updated visuals and brand language which specifically targeted potential donors in the US. In addition, we planned and executed a well-attended awareness-building event at a private home, with targeted outreach and follow-up.


OneFamily is using the new marketing communications tool for all outreach across the US, while continuing to build relationships and pursue fundraising opportunities with event attendees. OneFamily continues to host similar events in other US markets.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 11.08.45 AM“Marketing Matters came up to speed quickly. They went above and beyond to produce top-notch marketing communications which we continue to use successfully in our fundraising efforts. They think strategically, work efficiently, and are terrific marketing partners.”

David Pasternack
Former President, OneFamily US


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