Victorinox Swiss Army Brands was successfully marketing its iconic knife and watches for over a century. Functionality, quality, and design are key components of the brand.

Swiss Army Brands was considering extending into the sunglasses industry, however, they did not have an internal marketing team to assess the concept and launch the product line.

We created a Business Plan including: entry strategy, target audience definition, product/pricing recommendations, distribution plans for multiple channels, marketing plan, manufacturing considerations, and financial projections.

After Board approval, serving as the internal marketing department, we hired and directed the advertising agency, public relations team, display designers, and graphic designers.

The line was launched in outlets across the country.


“Marketing Matters Ltd. is topnotch.  You undertook a massive amount of research, re-framed the knowledge, and built a thoughtful, creative Business Plan.  You have far exceeded our expectations and we thank you.”

John Bergeron
General Manager

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