4 Pillars of Strong Brands that Stand the Test of Time

fireowkrsCounting down to 2020, as the shouts of “Happy New Year!” rang out, we were filled with excitement at the opportunities that the new year would bring. And yet, at the same time, we were struck by the sameness of it all, that people around the world have been celebrating the arrival of the new year in much the same way for centuries. Every year it feels new and exciting and every year it’s the same. This is a great metaphor for building a successful brand.

True brand icons are built on 4 pillars:

  • Enduring Purpose – Like our New Year’s celebration, successful brands are built on a timeless mission and purpose. They deliver on their promise in everything they do, day in, day out, year in, year out.
  • Relevance – Toasting the New Year is most relevant – connected, important and appropriate at a particular moment in time – at midnight. Successful brands are in constant touch with their customers, understanding current hopes and needs, striving to be ever relevant.
  • Engagement – Major media coverage of Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration draws tens of millions of viewers each year. As the ball drops, everyone joins the countdown. Successful brands engage customers with experiences and messaging that create emotion, spark reaction, and build loyalty.
  • Authenticity – Any other time of year, countdowns, confetti, horns and blowers seem silly. But on New Year’s Eve, they are a natural part of the celebration. When crafting messages and curating experiences for customers, successful brands ensure they are believable, genuine, and always ring true.

Building a strong brand in today’s cluttered marketing environment isn’t simple. Whether B2B or B2C, whatever the device, channel or platform, we all strive to break through with impact. As you move ahead with new plans and new campaigns, remember the 4 pillars and ask yourself: Is this consistent with our Promise? Is it Relevant? Engaging? Authentic? If yes, then you are on your way to an outstanding 2020!

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